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5 Reasons Employers May Not Post a Job Opening

During a job search, you may wonder why some employers don’t post all job openings or advertise certain career opportunities online. This practice, also known as the hidden job market, may be done by employers for several reasons. However, this can be frustrating for job seekers who may not have access to the application process for these positions.

So, why do employers not publicly advertise job openings all the time? Below are a few common reasons this might happen.

  • 1. They Want to Save Money and Time

    First and foremost, many employers looking to save time and money may only post some job openings online. Not only can it be time-consuming to publish these listings on online job boards, but it can also get expensive fairly quickly.

    Online sites like LinkedIn and Indeed require payment to advertise your job listing, and they’ll continue to charge you for as long as the listing remains live. Because of this, many companies may choose to save money by looking for candidates internally before making the job listing public.

    Employers may also work with a specialized executive search firm to take care of the hiring process for them. In these cases, working with a search firm rather than the company directly can give you a more personalized experience and help you find a job that appeals to you the most.

  • 2. They are Looking for Employee Referrals

    Many companies have employee referral programs that give current employees incentives to offer candidate referrals for open job positions. If the referral is hired and is successful in the position, the employee that referred them would be rewarded. For this reason, some companies may wait to post jobs publicly until they’ve exhausted all referral options.

    Referrals are a great resource for many companies, especially since a current employee can already vouch for that person and their skillset. They may already have insight into the candidate’s personality and the necessary experience to succeed in the position. Additionally, many employees like working with people they know, giving them more incentive to refer someone.

  • 3. They Want to Keep Hiring Decisions Private

    Some hiring decisions are best kept private, especially if a company needs to fill the position of someone who has decided to quit, or the company is planning on letting an existing employee go.

    Another situation would be that the company is preparing to expand or open another location, but they don’t want that information released to the public yet. For this reason, any new job posting would be kept private until the company hires someone or until the company decides to make the listing public.

  • 4. They are Hiring Internally

    Many companies will first look internally to fill open positions before considering outside candidates. Hiring internally is a great method for finding qualified people who have already proven reliable and familiar with the company culture, job duties, policies, and more.

    Hiring internally also gives a chance for companies to move current employees upward. This lets current employees take advantage of growth opportunities, allowing them to further develop their skillset by taking on more responsibilities.

  • 5. They are Hiring for an Executive Position

    You may find that the higher you move up in a company, the more likely job positions aren’t posted publicly. Executive positions are more likely to be found internally, which is why employers tend to keep these listings on the down low. If employers decide to hire from outside the company, they will likely use their own connections and network of candidates to find the right person for the job.

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6 Tips for Finding Open Positions in the Hidden Job Market

It may seem unfair that employers don’t post all available job openings, especially when working in a niche industry. However, companies are not bound by anything legally that says each listing has to be posted. If you’re not sure how to access any of these jobs in the hidden job market, consider the following tips:

  • 1. Network with Others

    Networking is a great way to make connections in the professional world. By meeting others in the industry outside of where you already work, you are likely to hear about “hidden” job positions. This gives you a valuable resource to reach out to in the future if you’re searching for a new job since they can easily refer you to their employer.

  • 2. Contact Employers Directly

    If there are specific companies you are interested in working for, you can reach out to search firms and hiring managers directly to inquire about open positions at the company. Not only will this open up more opportunities for you, but it will also show that you are willing to take initiative to advance your career.

  • 3. Explore Positions at Your Current Company

    There are many reasons you may be deciding to leave your current position and join the job search. However, if you’re happy with your current company but not necessarily your title or position, you can always look internally for job opportunities to see if anything else is available. Plus, those above you may be willing to move you into a higher position when they are already familiar with your personality and work ethic

  • 4. Stay Active on Social Media

    Nowadays, staying active on social media is essential for staying in the know about your industry and the professional work environment. Even just remaining active on LinkedIn by letting others know you’re looking for work is a great way to potentially connect with other employers who may be looking for job candidates like you.

  • 5. Connect with an Executive Search Firm

    Rather than reaching out to a company directly, consider reaching out to an executive search firm that may be trying to fill certain positions. These search firms are a valuable resource, as they can give you an exclusive look into a certain position and provide an outside, unbiased perspective into what the opportunity may offer you.

  • 6. Attend Events in the Industry

    If you know about events happening where you can connect with other professionals in your industry, this is a perfect opportunity to network with others and see what job listings may be available to you. If you’re unsure whether your specific industry hosts such events, try checking out events listed on company websites or social media.

Is it possible to find and apply for positions in the hidden job market? The truth is, you can still find a myriad of career opportunities even if an employer doesn’t post a job opening.

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