Staffing Services for Employers

Your business deserves impact talent.

We believe in the power of talent. That's why we supply our staff with the tools to identify and source top-tier talent from our extensive network of both active and passive local candidate pools.

Recruiting and screening professionals is a time-consuming exercise. At Spencer Reed Group, we allow you to maximize your operational productivity and profitability, while giving you the confidence that your recruiting needs are being augmented by a reputable Kansas City recruiting firm.

Your business needs speed, quality and value. We provide all three.

Our candidate tracking technology provides us with speed and accuracy when you need to hire the right person as soon as possible. We focus on quality of the candidate rather than quantity of resumes, saving you time, money and stress in the process. Let us do all the research and hard work, while getting the best employees in the area in your door.

Our Recruitment Process

  • 1. We connect your hiring team to one of our recruiters.
  • 2. Our recruiter locates numerous qualified candidates for your open positions.
  • 3. The recruiter reviews candidates with initial screenings on those who are the best matches.
  • 4. We then personally interview each professional to assess their skills and determine if they meet your specific requirements.
  • 5. We present you with our list of qualified candidates, and you choose which ones you want to meet.
  • 6. We help coordinate interviews between your team and the candidates you want to bring in.
  • 7. At this point, you choose a candidate and extend an offer!

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