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Process Engineer
Lenexa, Kansas


The PROCESS ENGINEER - WASTEWATER is responsible for leading the design, manufacture, and installation of the Company’s industrial process filtration system products and product improvements including the development of drawings, specifications, and O&M manuals along with supporting and training users and developing documentation for record maintenance. 

Specific duties include:
  • Perform biological wastewater process design reviews
  • Prepare process designs 
  • Evaluate existing operational performance of plants
  • Develop new process designs and methods for R&D
  • Prepare and present papers/articles for conferences and trade publications
  • Occasionally meet with customers to define needs, test the product and consult onsite - will require some travel
  • Perform site analysis and develop recommendations
  • Evaluate wastewater processes
  • Provide process and operational training and support to users
  • Evaluate supplier information
  • Contribute to the development of O&M manuals

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Direct and/or complete designs of the company's wastewater products including the process flow unit sizing, expected results, instrumentation, and control scheme, and physical layout to meet specific project orders.
  • Manage the work assigned on projects to maintain the project scope, budget, and schedule.

  • Review and understand code and/or regulatory issues that pertain to designs

  • Test prototypes or pilots in the field and write testing protocol.

  • Provide engineering support for filtration products and custom applications

  • Develop and implement new products and changes in existing products to improve the function, reduce cost, and improve quality.

  • Create and update O&M manuals, design manuals, engineering specifications, and other technical documentation.

  • Assist Manufacturing, Field Service, Sales, Costing, Purchasing and other departments with product questions, applications, and descriptions.

  • Complete load, sizing, and other calculations to support designs.

  • Perform start-up services for the filtration products.

  • Support and assist other departments with costing, specifications, drawings, application, etc.


  • Environmental Engineering Degree, Civil Engineering Degree (water/wastewater emphasis), or equivalent

  • Minimum of 1-year experience designing biological wastewater treatment systems or similar processes

    • For example: using BioWin and GPS-X process simulators, nutrient removal, sidestream treatment, integrated fixed film activated sludge (IFAS), MBBR - moving bed biofilm reactors.
  • Creative and good problem-solving skills

  •  Ability to communicate technical information to a varied audience

  •  Able to travel, occasionally as needed

  • Experience using BioWin
  • Ability to work with AutoCAD/Inventor drawings 

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Job Contact:

Scott Brown
(913) 327-2812

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